After several months of preparation, our Slovak case study leader, the Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Nitra, was thrilled to kick off its first stakeholder workshop on Climate-resilient water management for agriculture, citizens and ecosystems in the southwestern part of Slovakia!

All relevant stakeholders, including vulnerable groups and minorities, were invited to take part in the discussions, which took place on April 19, 2024 in the conference room of the AgroBioTech Research Center.

Climate change has a major impact on the quantity and quality of water for agriculture, energy, industry, citizens and ecosystems.

The aim of the expert event was to promote strong, integrated, sustainable and inclusive water management and information exchange among key stakeholders and decision makers. 

The discussion focused on improving governance practices in the face of challenges such as floods, droughts, water insecurity, desertification and biodiversity loss, as well as land fragmentation in the western part of Slovakia.

The workshop specifically addressed:

        • The implementation of SUA Strategic Plan measures in the area of blue infrastructure such as water conservation measures and facilities, rehabilitation of hydromulsification and irrigation infrastructure.
        • The modification of legislation, regulations and policies related to agriculture, energy, municipalities and ecosystems
        • Climate change impacts and measures to combat climate change
        • Opportunities to improve cooperation between decision-makers
        • The sustainability of agriculture and water management in relation to nature conservation and
        • The promotion of natural ecosystems
        • The involvement of stakeholders in discussions and solutions, including vulnerable stakeholders