Unlocking Water Resilience: Read Our Policy Brief on Better Governance

Europe must enhance water resilience through better governance to address increasing droughts and floods caused by climate change, despite long-standing anti-pollution efforts. Effective water governance requires a cross-sectoral approach, collaborative efforts among various stakeholders, diverse funding sources, and continuous monitoring and evaluation. Research and innovative practices identified by the Water Governance synergy group, featuring three Horizon Europe research projects—InnWater, GOVAQUA, and RETOUCH NEXUS—highlight the need for integrated water management policies and scalable solutions to ensure sustainable water use and ecosystem protection.

Our Key Messages on Water Resilience


Water resilience is critical for the core aims of the EU. Water should be a strategic priority in the work of the new European Parliament, the Commission, and the Member States.


Water resilience needs cross-sector regulation, focusing on agriculture, industry, and energy to meet Water Framework Directive goals and adapt to climate change, covering both new and existing activities.


Water resilience relies on collaboration across sectors, integrating governance levels and policy areas. Key factors include actor capacity, knowledge diversity, and digital solutions for data exchange and inclusive participation.


Water resilience is best financed with a diversity of funding sources, consolidating water charges and tariffs that incentivise efficient water use, and leveraging private finance through public-private partnerships or blended finance solutions.


Improving Europe’s water resilience involves monitoring policies, evaluating impacts on water, food, energy, and ecosystems, using agreed indicators and digital platforms for transparent information flow to aid decision-making and accountability, promoting sustainable practices.

Replay our EU Green Week Webinar Presenting Our Policy Brief!

Missed our immersive online workshop on “Cutting-edge water governance for water resilience”, which took place on 13 June 2024 as part of the EU Green Week Partner Events? No worries! The recording is available below. Hosted by the Water Governance synergy group, this webinar explored multi-level and cross-sectoral water governance.

Contributors: Members of the Water Governance Synergy Group

Enhancing Water Resilience through Innovative Governance

Dr. Suvi Sojamo
GAVAQUA project leader

Leading Researcher, Finnish Environment Institute, leads the GOVAQUA project. She has over ten years of experience researching and developing principles and practices of water governance in Finland and internationally.

Dr. Maria Vrachioli
RETOUCH NEXUS project leader

Senior Researcher/Senior Lecturer, Technical University of Munich (RETOUCH NEXUS coordinator)

Dr. Natacha Amorsi
InnWater project leader

Dr. Natacha Amorsi, responsible for the coordination of European affairs at OiEau, possesses a doctoral degree in the economics of the environment, with a specialisation in water resources and public participation.

Antti Belinskij


Juan Pablo Henao

Junior Researcher/PhD student, Technical University of Munich, juanpablo.henao@tum.de

Julie Magnier