A major milestone was reached last September at the Keiberg-Vossem industrial park, with the installation and connection of the rainwater treatment plant to the groundwater basin and well.

The municipality of Tervuren and Interleuven are developing the Keiberg-Vossem industrial park. What makes this industrial park unique? Interleuven pays particular attention to :

  • Local energy generation 
  • Common collection and purification of rainwater 
  • Spatial quality 
  • Biodiversity 
  • Landscape integration

Although the site is still under construction, most of the infrastructure and utilities are already operational. An important milestone was reached last September, with the installation and connection of the rainwater treatment plant to the pond and groundwater well.

The basin collects rainwater on the site, buffering it, storing it and retarding runoff. It also serves as a pleasant, green recreational area for employees and residents. Rainwater is pumped from the pond to the rainwater treatment facility via a small treatment plant. This facility, located in a service building overlooking the pond, also has an educational area on the second floor to accommodate visitors and small events.

After rainwater purification, the water is pressurized for distribution via the domestic water mains network. The water then reaches the site’s businesses, alongside the regular drinking water supply. Local businesses can use this treated rainwater for non-drinking purposes, such as toilet flushing. When domestic water demand is low or non-existent, water is infiltrated underground via the groundwater well, where it is stored in the aquifer. During dry periods, the stored water can be used to supply the domestic water system, a process known as “aquifer water storage and recovery”.

In addition to supplying drinking water, De Watergroep’s role in this project is to build, operate and maintain the rainwater treatment and distribution system.