The RETOUCH NEXUS project took the opportunity to regroup for its 4th General Assembly meeting during the Water Innovation Europe conference in Brussels between June 17th and 18th, 2024! 

On the agenda: review of project progress and achievements, discussions on how to promote the projects’ results, brainstorm on innovative mechanisms for stakeholder engagement, identification of action items and responsibilities… and of course: definition of next steps!

This meeting was hosted by EuroTech Universities Alliance and made possible by TUM Liaison Officer, Astrid Sloth Kristensen. 

In the two days many innovative ideas about stakeholder engagement emerged, and will hopefully see the light very soon, so stay tuned! 

This meeting was also the opportunity to discover the Water Experience Container of our partner VITO. The container is an initiative under the Blue Deal project Vlaanderen WaterProof, conducted by VITO on behalf of the Flemish government.

Four virtual characters – a climate project advisor, a farmer, a sustainability manager, and a green service employee – lead visitors through a realistic audio narrative about water gains. Interactive installations provide visitors with a clear understanding of practical, effective interventions for water-sustainable business sites.