Our Networks

WG2027 Synergy Group

RETOUCH NEXUS project has 2 sisters! Indeed, InnWater and GOVAQUA project are also funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme. Altogether, the 3 projects have created a synergy group called Water Governance 2027.

The synergy group Water Governance 2027 is composed of three European projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programmes HORIZON.2.6 – Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment and HORIZON.2.6.7 – Circular Systems and specifically, the topic HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01-06 – Water governance, economic and financial sustainability of water systems.

NEXUSNET Cost Action

NEXUSNET is an international network of researchers collaborating with universities, research institutions, policymakers and the business sector to better understand how the water-energy-food Nexus fosters policy coherence and biophysical interactions in the domains of water, energy and food, supporting the transition towards a circular and low-carbon economy in Europe.

The network focuses on job creation, enhancing wellbeing, establishing broad synergies and care for the environment. The Nexus concept is tested at different scales (i.e. local, regional, national, European), while the international dimension is explored through the involvement of international proposers.

PRIMA program

The PRIMA Foundation, based in Barcelona, is a non-profit organisation with a public service spirit, established under Spanish private Law. The PRIMA Foundation is responsible for all the managerial, administrative, supporting, monitoring and supervising activities necessary to implement the PRIMA Programme.

The PRIMA program funds R&I projects contributing to sustainable use of natural resources, economic growth and stability in the Mediterranean.