This Wednesday, our coordinator will have the opportunity to present the RETOUCH NEXUS and SIGMA Nexus projects at the “WEFE Nexus Community of Practice in the Mediterranean Co-Creation Workshop and WEFE Nexus Award ceremony” in Sitges (Barcelona, Spain), organised by PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area), supported by EU H2020 program.

Our project manager, Maria Vrachioli, will be a panelist for the Open panel discussion to share her experiences from the WEFE Nexus in practice.

Context of the conference

The Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus concept has gained significant attention in the research community, particularly in the natural and physical sciences. While substantial progress has been made in advancing theoretical understanding, it is crucial that we move from theory to practical implementation. This transition necessitates active engagement with social, political, and economic stakeholders. While the scientific community continues to conduct research and innovate to bridge knowledge gaps, there is an urgent need to put into practice what we have already learned. Establishing an institutional framework for investments and practical implementation in the WEFE Nexus is of paramount importance.

Objectives of the co-creation workshop of the WEFE Nexus Community of Practice (NCoP):

  • Frame the Nexus community of practice (NCoP)
  • Gain a shared sense of the range of existing demo sites around the Mediterranean
  • Start engaging as learning partners in the Nexus CoP project
  • Engage in initial discussions about NCoP design
  • Prepare for next steps

About the organiser: PRIMA

The PRIMA Foundation, based in Barcelona, is a non-profit organisation with a public service spirit, established under Spanish private Law. The PRIMA Foundation is responsible for all the managerial, administrative, supporting, monitoring and supervising activities necessary to implement the PRIMA Programme, funding Projects contributing to sustainable use of natural resources, economic growth and stability in the Mediterranean.