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New deliverable on economic instruments across Europe 

Coordinated by IIAMA-UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) hydroeconomic modeling group, the task involved an analysis of economic, financial and commercial tools for analyzing the value, risk, investment and sustainability of water systems. The task also aimed to explore the possibility of applying these tools in other contexts. The result of this task is a series of fact sheets summarizing the information on a European scale. 

Launch of our deliverable on stakeholder mapping in RETOUCH NEXUS case studies and at European level 

The RETOUCH NEXUS case studies, spread across six countries, are highly diverse; from business parks to river basins, each case presents a wide variety of issues to be resolved. This deliverable, coordinated by our project partner aldephi, focuses on mapping the stakeholders and engagement mechanisms in each of the case studies and at European level that can contribute to transparent, inclusive water governance and an enabling participation environment. This process involved intense engagement with all the case studies to map stakeholders as it was not always easy to identify them.